A Special Thanks to Military Spouses

With May 8th being Military Spouse Appreciation Day, many have been caught up in the whirlwind of local and travel restrictions related to COVID-19 on top of potential work-related hindrances. For the average military spouse, aspects of moving, traveling, and figuring out work schedules is a constant struggle between the “dream” of job stability and the reality. Here at eAssist, we take pride in all of the military spouses working with us to create the best dental billing experience for their clients, and we recognize them for the entire month of May and beyond for all that they contribute.

eAssist’s own military spouses describe it best:

“As military spouses know, there is no telling when and where you will end up. Each new move/location would require quitting an old job, updating the good old resume, and setting out to find a new job going through who knows how many interviews. Depending on where you move next, the skills/education received from a previous job may not even be available at the new location. It could be an entirely different job in a new career field which is terrible for career advancement.”
“I appreciate what eAssist has to offer and think the benefits for a military spouse are greatly needed. My husband did almost 21 years in the Air Force and is now a contractor for the Air Force. Consequently, he has been gone a lot. Being able to work from home and the flexibility of  knowing I can follow him and still have my job if we need to is huge.”

eAssist offers income security, scheduling flexibility, and career advancement that works with the skills you already have in the dental billing industry. Those with military connections sacrifice so much for our country -and their families- even when their service ends. Being able to provide this sort of stability is something that eAssist takes very seriously, which is why we’re partnered with the Department of Defense’s Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP). This program connects military spouses directly with companies like eAssist that provide flexible, tailored access to skilled work with the ever-changing reality of military spouse life in mind. This guarantee of job security and income is important to all of us, especially when you’re constantly in a new place due to ever-changing military contracts. One refrain that our military spouses consistently gave us was the power of eAssist’s brand promise of “peace of mind” while on the go:

“With eAssist, I don’t have to give up my job at any point. I have a solid income that can come and go as many times as we move. It’s a relief that I will no longer have to hunt down the “classified ads” every 3-5 years. Military spouses give up a lot for their significant other to serve the country and it’s a relief that a job can be crossed off that list thanks to eAssist.”
“I moved from NM to TX May of 2019. I did not have to worry about finding a new job and starting from the bottom yet again! My work moved with me. Knowing that I never have to job hunt again no matter where we move is such a great feeling and not to mention constant stability for me and my family.”

Sheena Brennan, celebrating four years as an eAssist military spouse, had this to say:

“I managed a dental practice in Hawaii named Ala Moana Dental Care for 3 years. Our office used eAssist for our insurance billing. My husband received orders to move to NM in 2016 I had to say my goodbyes and was on the hunt for another job. Ala Moana reached out and said I should apply for eAssist. They felt that I would be a great asset. I applied and the rest is history!”

The importance of job security during these uncertain economic times can’t be overstated. eAssist takes pride in being able to be of service to those who serve, as well as to their families. Take it from the leading statement from all of our military spouse heroes:

“I highly recommend that if there are any military spouses out there that have dental billing experience to apply. The possibilities are endless!”


Dental Billing Tips and News for Pros; Edition #147


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