James Anderson

Accounting vs. Dentistry

Ever had the day run out of time and you haven’t finished your work?  I ‘m not talking about dentistry, I am talking about all those administrative chores that must be completed accurately to make the practice and your personal life run smoothly.
Your mind is on that implant case tomorrow, but the checking account is not balancing, and you need time to look at the numbers.  You think you can multi-task through that and get both tasks completed within a short time. According to recent research, multitasking is a myth.  We have to switch our thinking quickly from one task to another but doing two unrelated tasks simultaneously just doesn’t go well.
Why should you worry about numbers when you should be worrying about teeth?  It is time to outsource to accounting professionals who specialize in the books of dentists because our service was created by dentists and people who fully understand dentistry.  Dentistry now can be your all consuming passion if you let eAssist become your accounting specialist. What about your CPA, you say? Keep your CPA, we do the tasks of a hands-on bookkeeper.  You will no longer have to leave the world of implants and crown and bridge to do the following:

  •        Balance your checking account
  •        Bookkeeping/QuickBooks Online/your merchant statements are balanced with your day sheets, EFT Insurance deposits and bank deposits are reconciled accurately with your bank.
  •        Bill paying (if youwant)
  •        Payroll

We reconcile your dental software, EFT deposits, & merchant statements with your bank and with QuickBooks— a step often overlooked by non-dental specific accounting firms.
Real time profit and loss, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows available 24/7 with your free QuickBooks® online account.
Because no two dental practices are alike, we have several different accounting packages to choose from that will fit your practice budget and satisfy your needs.


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