Affordable Care Act cont.

In this part, we will address to sides to EHB’s and the part they plan in the affordable care act. First we will start with EHB’s for children. In every state, excluding *Utah, the government can choose to provide 2 types of plans. The first is the Children’s Health Insurance Program, or second the MetLife High Option plan. Both plans  have a good deal of options for dental work within them. The age of children when it comes to these plans maxes out at 19 years old, unless the state chooses to higher the age. It is each states choice to do so.

In adults, EHB’s run differently. Since it is not required that adults have this plan, there are two parts for adult EHB’s. First off, exchanges ran by the government are only required to offer EHB’s, not require the employees to purchase them. It is on individual and small group basis that they are requiring an EHB to be bought. (ADA is in disagreement, but this is how the program is now being run through the government.) There is a catch like always, individual states have the right to require the purchase of EHB’s. There are currently few states who require the purchase, but it is within their rights to require such purchases.

Next time we will go more into depth on possible projections from the ACA. Stay tuned.

*Utah is only providing preventive dental care


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