Affordable Care Act Part 1

Whether you agree with this piece of legislation or not, it effects us all. You may be a dental professional or you may be a citizen simply needing health and dental coverage. The next few articles to be posted are purely informational, that way you feel like you know how this act is going to effect  you. I am not here to persuade your feelings towards this subject or not, I am just here to help you understand. Any information is from research of various articles, and we hope this helps you in your understanding of the Affordable Care Act.

Our section today is to address the requirement of dental coverage. On January 1st, 2014 dental coverage will be required, but only with children. Adults will not be required to have dental coverage. Individual and small group plans must meet a requirement called the “qualified health plans.” Also known as QHP packages, these plans have certain requirements within them. In simple words, they state they must provide health benefits considered “essential.” There are 10 categories within the QHP, including pediatric oral health care. Preventative is the main point of the package itself. Children are the focus when it comes to dental coverage under the act. They want children to have the dental health benefits at a young age, so when they are no longer required to have coverage, they understand the urgency of still having dental insurance. Maintaing good oral hygiene will be a positive benefit and a life long habit as these children grow older. For most states, they consider an individual a child until the age of 19. Each states focus is to take care of the children first, it is priority. This will help prevent oral health negligence, and create safer environments for children.

In our next article, we will go more in depth with EHB packages. Stay tuned and stay informed.


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