Jaycee Brown

Jaycee Brown

Director of Communications

Amazing Results Again From The “Never Give Up” Team Efforts at eAssist

We received this compliment from Dr. (no name to protect privacy) office. Dione (Account Executive for eAssist) has worked very hard for them. Great job Dione!

“I just wanted to sincerely thank Dione for her efforts. It is very re-assuring to have her support and I know sometimes your job can be very difficult and taxing to keep up with a large office. But these are the actions that make me feel so appreciative to have you on my team. You went ahead and researched what could possibly be going on. You not only inquired but you solved the mystery. Thank you! You are an integral part of our success and I appreciate all of your efforts, dedication and determination.”


(No name to protect privacy)

From information gathered from many dental practices, insurance follow-up and the appeals process can be demanding and require professional experience and diligence.  Many offices give up because of the time and expertise involved.  At eAssist we don’t give up and because of that you have happier patients, less stressed staff and more money to pay the practice bills.


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