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Monique Long

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AR Management and You- What Can we do Better

Accounts receivables is the lifeblood of your dental practice. Submitting claims that are both accurate and complete is essential to getting paid on time, and reducing stress on your office employees. While the process might seem easy, there are plenty of ways we can accidentally pass along inaccurate claims that are denied by insurance companies, leading to a long, painful appeals process.

When these unpaid claims start stacking up and your staff is tied up in three hour phone calls with insurance companies for potentially weeks on end, it can seem as though there’s no way out. Yet, in this chaos, there is an option to outsource your books to eAssist and finally get the full value out of your accounting investment.

eAssist offers numerous, customizable AR management services for your dental practice:

  • Patient ledger audits: We can take a look at transactions from up to two years prior for accuracy and completeness.


  • Dental medical billing: Professional and accurate claim submissions, all within 24 hours.


  • Accountability reports: We provide transparent overviews of every action we take weekly or every 24 hours depending on your preference.

As well as this, we offer you location-based, personal service: We use an area code and phone number that is connected to your practice, so that insurance companies and patients know exactly who’s calling.

Collections is one of the more tedious and frustrating tasks of AR management, as you’re relying on patients to do their part after you do yours. Sometimes there are payment issues that are out of your control despite your best efforts. eAssist provides you with a suite of options to get your accounts paid fully and timely:

  • Payment request follow-up: Our custom mailed letters let your patients know to give your office a call to clarify any payments needing fulfillment, with authoritative and courteous correspondence.
  • Outstanding payment reminders: We send electronic statements to late payers using your management software. As well as this, we can phone patients with long term outstanding balances to encourage prompt payment for services rendered.
  • Clean up bad debts: If an account is deemed noncollectable, we advise your office and transfer the debt process to a collection agency if requested.

Accountability is important to us, and this collection of action reports is helpful in ensuring that you are paid what’s rightfully yours, and every penny collected is accounted for accurately. Our job is to work for you, and we don’t get paid unless you get paid. AR management is complex and requires efficient processing to remain profitable; and it’s not always easy. See what we can do better.


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