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Amanda Cross

Marketing Manager

Are You Maximizing Your Profits and Minimizing Your Overhead?

We ask our patients to commit to dental consultations, but what about our own commitment to consulting professional leadership? If you’re educating yourself with the best, you can become the best: whether that’s in dentistry, finance, or your own personal growth. Granted, no one can claim to be the best at everything all at once, but we can still do our part to stay on top of our game by incorporating management suggestions, efficient office practices, and modern marketing techniques that help us become better dental industry professionals. Thankfully, there are a variety of innovative methods that will help expand your knowledge and set your practice up for success. Our recent three-part “Smart Ways to Net More by Minding Your Margins” webinar series was hosted by our CEO Dr. James Anderson, along with Dr. Warren Willis, Dr. Brian Borg, and Taylor Anderson. This series is a great start toward getting your practice back on track to profitability, along with a number of other tips for success that you may have missed over the last few months of pandemic turmoil. Plus, you can watch it all on Youtube, right now! “Check up” on your practice by learning about:

  • Overhead costs from A to Z, and how to negotiate the best deals for your practice right now
  • 12 operational bottlenecks that are keeping you from profitability
  • Maximizing your insurance claims collection rate through proper submission the first time
  • And more!

Start watching at Part 1 (of 3) by clicking here, and get started (on your own time!) with your practice consultation and check up for success.


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