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Gina Berg

Director of Patient Billing

Are you really collecting 100% of what you produce?

Your financial processes in your dental office are set and on paper they look like they should be running smoothly, right? Ideally yes, but which parts of the processes are getting missed due to a heavy daily dental office workload? The majority of front desk team members are responsible for answering the phone, scheduling appointments, verifying insurance, calling on outstanding insurance claims, posting insurance payments, treatment plan presentation, auditing patient accounts, sending outstanding patient statements, fielding angry patient phone calls — and this list doesn’t include all of the in-office patient interaction! 

The hard truth? You probably aren’t really collecting 100% of what you produce, and your processes are not as stream-lined as you need them to be in order to be profitable and successful. Outsourcing your dental billing processes to eAssist Dental Solutions unburdens the in-house team from the overwhelming daily workload and allows them to focus on comprehensive patient care.

Still unsure? If you can answer yes to one or more of these questions, your office would absolutely benefit from outsourcing and stream-lining your dental and patient billing processes:

  • Have patients walked out the door without paying their copay because the front desk person was on the phone with an insurance company? 
  • Does your office receive an overwhelming amount of patient phone calls regarding statements? 
  • Do these phone calls take longer than they should because the front desk is searching for the reason for the balance and/or explanation of benefits (EOB)?
  • Are the outstanding patient collectibles increasing month after month?
  • Are you receiving poor online reviews from patients that are unhappy about their unexpected balance or how the office financial processes were handled?

Imagine your office staff giving your patients 5-star treatment because they have the time to interact with them, build relationships, answer all their questions during treatment plan presentation, collect copays on the date of service, and so much more. Meanwhile, you see the money on the back end consistently rolling in because your dental and patient financial processes are running smoothly behind the scenes. 

Would office collections improve significantly?

The benefits are already piling up, but numbers certainly speak for themselves. First, let’s take a look at the average dental office collection ratio. Let’s guesstimate that these offices collect approximately $100,000.00 a month.

PB 91

That may not seem so bad, until it is compared to the average dental office collection with eAssist Dental Solutions dental billing services:

PB 97

Check out the significant difference! That’s an additional $6,180.00 added to monthly collections every month, bringing the total collections to $106,180.00. Now look at the average dental office collection ratio of offices with eAssist dental billing and patient billing services:

PB 100


That is nearly a $10,000.00 increase in total collections each month! Offices that utilize the extremely knowledgeable eAssist team members for dental and patient billing consistently collect over 100% of what they produce every month. You deserve this peace of mind too.

Stream-line your dental billing processes, give your staff the ability to care for patients, and confidently collect 100% of what is produced by outsourcing your dental and patient billing processes to eAssist Dental Solutions


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