Stephanie Skidmore

Stephanie Skidmore

Business Development Specialist

Cancellations have devastating effects on a dental practice’s growth

It goes without saying that cancellations cause chaos. Phones ringing off the line, frustrated clinicians, and inflated overhead costs are just some of the things to expect if your patients are regularly canceling. 

A recent study determined that 10% of all dental appointments are canceled. At an average dental practice production per hour of $400, even one cancellation of a 60-minute appointment per day can have devastating effects on a dental practice’s growth. We did some quick math for you:

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Most dental practices have more than a single one-hour appointment cancel each day, so this is the low end of lost annual revenue from cancellations. Long story short, if you’re not getting these patients back on your schedule, your practice is leaving money on the table. But don’t worry, we are here to help.

Personalized service tailored to your practice needs

At eAssist, we can work with you to get your schedule filled and increase your practice profits. Our newest 5-star service is a premier, personalized communication service used to schedule patients on a recurring basis. We have real people providing a real service; no robot with a script on the other end of the line. 

Key features of the Full Schedule service include:

  • Communication between 8am – 7pm local time, no midnight or early bird calls
  • Organic acquisition and retention through personalized messaging
  • HIPAA compliant, secure communication
  • Regular reporting and transparency
  • Peace of mind and restful nights
  • No risk commitment

You deserve peace of mind

Our personal research shows that an average hygiene appointment, and ensuing production from the doctor’s exam, leads to an average of $471 of income per visit. And a new patient will generate at least $4,500 in revenue (excluding referrals) in their lifetime with a practice! 

Talk to one of our Full Schedule Onboarding Reps to find how our Full Schedule patient scheduling service can give you peace of mind —  and jumpstart your practice growth. 

Did you catch our most recent webinar, Creating Dynamic Strategies to Increase Practice Production and Profits? Our amazing panelists dove into patient retention, patient acquisition, and how to avoid the last-minute empty chair expense. Click here to watch!


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