Jaycee Brown

Jaycee Brown

Director of Communications

CareCredit Celebrates 30th Year

CareCredit has been helping dentists provide financial solutions that result in patients accepting and going forward with needed dental care for 30 years.  Without CareCredit financial solutions many patients would forego dental care resulting in worsening of not only dental health but overall health and wellbeing..

Many patients know from being told often that they need dental care to improve function and esthetics.  Some have untreated disease that makes them even more vulnerable.  As dental practices, we are not just responsible for delivering the news but also in offering options that help patients get the help they need.   Dental offices are not banks and should never offer credit to patients and that is why CareCredit has been the ally of dental practices for three decades.

Now CareCredit offers the updated CareCredit Advertising Toolkit so that you can add it to your practice Website making it easier for patients to apply for funding.  There is also a button to calculate what their monthly payment will be so that they can budget the cost into their finances.

There is also one click social media sharing so that you can share the fact that you offer solutions to financing for much needed dental care.

For more information go to carecredit.com for the latest news.


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