Carestream Dental Announces New Features and Services for its Software

Edited by dentaltown staff May 27, 2016


ANAHEIM, Calif.—Carestream Dental announced updates to its Logicon Caries Detector software to enhance diagnosis as well as a new online resource for DPMS customers to more efficiently support software users.   


The latest updates to Logicon Caries Detector v5.2 software make using the software easier and more efficient. Fewer icons on the screen help doctors focus on diagnosing without distraction. Better organized menus and simplified icons enhance the diagnostic capabilities of Logicon. Users will also notice an updated look and feel to the software’s interface—a modern black color scheme makes for a sophisticated look that enhances diagnostic comfort.


“We are excited about the new look and feel of Logicon v5.2,” said Logicon product line manager Stephanie Lacina.“The new interface has a fresh, updated look that also helps improve efficiency with new menu options and simplified tools for diagnosis.”


Logicon v5.2 is an FDA-approved computer-aided radiographic caries diagnosis software. It’s a clinically proven tool to help practitioners detect and treat interproximal caries at an early stage, enabling minimally invasive treatments.


In addition to diagnostic software, practice management software plays a crucial role in a dental practice. To support Carestream Dental software users across the country, a new online users’ community called The Exchange provides a place to network and share software knowledge.


The Exchange allows users to ask questions of Carestream Dental subject matter experts and also gives other participants the opportunity to weigh in with their own answers. Users can start and contribute to ongoing discussions or participate in occasional polls.


The Exchange also includes a growing library of product-specific documents that are constantly updated, such as FAQs, tips and tricks and how-to guides.


“The Exchange is the perfect place to get your questions answered while also showing off your own knowledge and helping others along the way,” said Stephen Reeder, senior manager, digital marketing, Carestream Dental. “We’re finding that online communities and forums are the first place users turn to when they have general questions or need to troubleshoot.”


The Exchange is a free resource for the dental community, and while it currently only focuses on CS SoftDent and CS OrthoTrac software, there are already plans to grow the community to encompass the full family of DPMS offerings and Carestream Dental products in the future.


For more information, visit The Exchange at


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