Jaycee Brown

Jaycee Brown

Director of Communications

CDT 2017 New Code for Consultation with Health Care Professional

Many dentists may feel that this code may not apply to their practices.  Think of it for the “big picture” of treating patients that need periodontal care, surgical care, prosthodontics, restorative care and multidisciplinary care involving other providers. Proper documentation of clinical findings must also include medical necessity as more and more insurers are requiring this to process certain types of claims.

D9311 Consultation with a medical health care professional.   As a treating dentist if would be wise to consult with the patient’s medical health care provider concerning medical issues that may affect the patient’s planned dental treatment. A report from a health care professional will help to establish medical necessity.

The rationale behind adding this code to the 2017 CDT set is to consult with the patient’s healthcare professional before beginning active treatment to ensure that all potentially dangerous medical conditions are discussed and the best course of treatment collaborated for the patient’s safety.  This exchange of information must be recorded in the patient’s’ clinical notes as a document, audio file or narrative.


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