CDT 2018

New code coming in 2018 to help with Diabetes screening.

D0411 HbA1c in office point of service testing

Dentistry is moving into the realm of total body health with each year.  This is exciting as we in the profession know the mouth and the oral health can make the difference in living longer and with more quality.

The existence of the new CDT codes does not guarantee that there will be benefits through the dental or health insurance policies.  Remember, we choose the code based on sound clinical evidence whether it is a benefit of a policy or not.

Rationale for adding D0411 is about being involved in diagnosing diabetes in our patients and getting them the help that they need.  

Dental practitioners play a significant role in diabetic screening.  Diabetes is a major risk factor for periodontal disease.   My patients with periodontal disease are referred to their physicians only to find, with further medical analysis, that they have diabetes.

The HbA1c test is used to diagnose diabetes or test diabetic patients blood sugar levels to determine if they are staying within the normal ranges.  Code D0411 reports this test.  For billing, the results of the test should be billed along with the code for the test so that the payer can see the test results.



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