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Jaycee Brown

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Code Tip: D2962 Labial Veneer (Porcelain Laminate)-Laboratory

Labial veneers by definition must extend interproximally and/or cover the incisal edge.  This code includes all ceramic and porcelain veneers.

Do not report a labial veneer as a ¾ procelain/ceramic crown/D2783 because this is a much more aggressive removal of tooth structure and will have less lingual enamel remaining

On a virgin tooth a veneer is the better choice if it only extends interproximally than the D2783.  Because veneers require more time and skill to temporize and to deliver the fee should reflect this extra work.

Although a porcelain veneer is usually considered a cosmetic procedure if the tooth/teeth have existing failed composite fillings or cracks and decay detected, this could be evidence enough for coverage but make sure to take intra-oral photos and radiographs with narrative to support the procedure.  If it is covered by a contracted amount for an in network PPO the reimbursement may be disappointing.


Dental Billing Tips and News for Pros; Edition #138


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