This procedure is instituted following periodontal therapy and continues at varying intervals, determined by the clinical evaluation of the dentist, for the life of the dentition or any implant replacements. It includes removal of the bacterial plaque and calculus from supragingival and subgingival regions, site specific scaling and root planing where indicated, and polishing the teeth. If new or continuing periodontal disease appears, additional diagnostic and treatment procedures must be considered.

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Be Aware:

  1. Ongoing periodontal maintenance (D4910) does not include a periodic oral evaluation (D0120) or comprehensive periodontal evaluation (D0180). The periodic evaluation (D0120) or D0180 is submitted as a separate procedure on the same date of service. The oral evaluation (D0120 or D0180) is generally provided twice per year, and is subject to the typical “one evaluation per six months” or “two evaluations per year” limitation. For a comprehensive periodontal evaluation of an established periodontal patient provided on a periodic basis consider reporting D0180. Note: The reimbursement for D0180 might be re-mapped as D0120. If the more extensive and time consuming D0180 is performed, report what you do.

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