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Jaycee Brown

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Code Tip: D6080

D6080 Implant Maintenance Procedures When Prostheses are Removed and Reinserted, Including Cleansing of Prosthesis and Abutments CDT 2019

The only way this code can be billed is when the prostheses in removed and reinserted.  If you are cleaning around the implant this code is not applicable. This is not a per implant code but for the entire prosthesis.  The code includes scaling and debridement of the entire structure and the implant system on a per visit charge. The code also includes hygiene instruction as to home care and proper maintenance of the prosthesis and the implants.

Radiographs, periodic evaluation and prophylaxis are not included in the code and can be billed separately on the claim form.

Dental Billing Tips and News for Pros; Edition #136


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