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Jaycee Brown

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Code Tip: D9110 versus D0140

D9110 is a misunderstood code as many offices code D0140 for emergency visits when treating a patient for pain or discomfort. D0140 is an evaluation code and limited to the “one evaluation per six months” or “two evaluations per year” rule. Consider reporting D9110 for minor procedures to reduce discomfort, sensitivity, or pain at an emergency visit. D9110 is a procedure code and will not use one of the exam limitations. When reporting D9110, include the required narrative. Palliative D9110 should not be used in conjunction with a definitive procedure such as a filling or extraction.

eAssist Helpful News and Billing Tips; Edition #117


  • can you bill d0140 and d9110 in same visit or will insurance only pay one

    • Hi Wally, our awesome eAssister Estela has an answer for you! “For D9910 it is dependent on the patient’s policy. Some plans will pay exam on the same visit, others will not.”

  • why is it that the insurance won’t pay on D0140 when other services, besides x-rays, are rendered in the same visit? I went in for a broken tooth, had an x-ray, and they decided to fit me for a crown. why would I go in for an evaluation and not take corrective action? can I appeal the denial with success?

    • eAssister Jackie has an answer for you Anne!
      “Unfortunately that’s most likely a part of your insurance plan processing policy. The insurance provider is the one who writes those rules, and I have not personally had success with overturning those types of denials. But if you are wanting to appeal it, you can always write up the department of insurance about it and complain!”

  • What prices are you guys using for this? Not even sure if insurance covers this… But we need a self pay price too.

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