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Jaycee Brown

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Coding Tip: D2752

Crown–Porcelain Fused to Noble Metal D2752

When you are submitting a claim and the evidence to support the claim doesn’t show in the x-ray-look for an intra-oral photo of the tooth.  Does the photo support the need for the full crown procedure? The next thing you can do is to include information about the procedure in the narrative on the claim.  Such as “during prep of tooth #__ ML cusp fx off at gum line” or if you can’t see the deep decay on the radiograph but when the old restoration was removed–decay was underneath.  Write that” the existing MOD amalgam obscured the gross decay at the lingual surface or gross decay on the lingual evident at the removal of existing restoration” “At removal of decay and fx cusp 40% of tooth structure remained”


Dental Billing Tips and News for Pros; Edition #133


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