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Monique Long

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Corporate Mindfullness and Dental Management

As a dental practice manager, your duties are many and varied. Ensuring that each of your employees is performing at their best can sometimes seem like an insurmountable task. Luckily there are a number of ways to consistently make that happen. “Corporate mindfulness” is a new term that brings together all the best parts about management: responsibility, leadership, and accountability. The meanings, thoughts, and actions behind these terms apply to both you and your employees.

Responsibility: For your own choices and work ethic, and the ability to accomplish a task once given support and a goal.
Leadership: Being able to stand up for what is right and for someone else, offering help and support for anyone on your team.
Accountability: Acknowledging satisfactory or unsatisfactory work as it appears in discussion, for the benefit of the team. We all have bad days, but we can get through them by collaborating.

Outside of these management tips, mindfulness also extends to personal care or “self-care”. Maybe you just got a new puppy and want to share a picture with your coworkers during a meeting. Feel free to! Lighten up the mood every so often to keep things progressing in a positive manner, instead of just focusing on what needs to get done. Having those moments of spontaneous fun can lead to a better “heads together” moment that benefits everyone taking part.

Working towards cultivating this structure of goal-oriented work ethic is a tough job for management. Getting the right employees is helpful, as motivation rubs off on others, and it’s especially beneficial for that collaborative moment. Instruct your employees on the type of corporate culture you hope to achieve with their help. eAssist greatly espouses this servant leadership style of corporate mindfulness. This “mindfulness” is relative to both the company itself and its employees, where everything is connected together and grows together. By taking pride in having empathy, your employees will trust you and work harder for your business. The feeling of satisfaction that comes with knowing that your dental practice is in good care by your employees is one of the sweetest components of success.


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