Dental Insurance Verification

Dental Insurance Verification FAQ

We’ve compiled some of the questions that dental practices, like yours, ask about the eAssist  Insurance Verification program. Of course, if these questions don’t provide all of the answers you’re looking for, please feel free to contact us at any time and we’ll be more than happy to discuss the program in depth with you.

We verify benefits 72-48 hours before your patient’s appointment. This way your office is able to have full history on all diagnostic procedures, and you can plan the initial visit and cost accordingly. Once the initial exam is complete, your treatment plan coordinator can then sit down with the patient to discuss their treatment plan. With the insurance benefits being complete, you will be able to provide your patient with an accurate payment estimate as well as their estimated co-payment portion. If we find out a patient does not have benefits we inform the office immediately so the patient can be contacted. This helps lessen any last minute cancellations due to a lack of benefits.

We will do this specific to your needs. The office will choose to either have all of their patients verified, only new patients verified, recare patients verified, or a combination of patients with different appointment types verified, we will do whatever fits your needs.

We offer two main plans to suit you. We can simply verify using our standard history form, which includes filling in all basic benefit questions and history for $4.17 per verification (including data entry into your software) or $2.49 per verification (without data entry into your software), or we can do the extensive full benefit breakdown for $6.25 per verification (including data entry into your software) or $4.57 per verification (without data entry into your software). We can also customize the full benefit breakdown for specific specialty offices. Please note that any verification requests that are made less than 48 hours of patient appointment are considered ASAP and the fee is $12.50 per verification.

We can enter your fee schedules if you need these updated. The fee is $65 per fee schedule entered.

We can work with any software system, including OpenDental, Dentrix, EagleSoft, SoftDent, Curve, and others. Our managers are proficient in almost every software available to dentists and specialists. If you opt for verifications which include data entry into your software system, we will pair your practice with a manager that is an expert in the software you are currently using.

We work with general dentists and specialists. We can use your existing breakdown form or can assist in compiling one to fit your needs.

Verifying your patient’s insurance up front has many benefits that add to your profitability as well as improve your overall patient perception. We help eliminate unwanted collections and reduce your accounts receivable. Additionally, we do all that we can to save you and your patients from getting a surprise from the insurance provider that requires you to pass on an additional bill to your patients, or have to write off balances due to your patients refusing to pay.

A patient who gets a surprise bill is going to be upset and angry at you, not the insurance company. While happy patients are likely to speak well of you, unhappy patients can slander your reputation on every social media site available!

Yes we do. eAssist is a fully comprehensive dental practice support solution. We offer accounting, management, insurance billing, patient billing, medical coding, tax advice, records management, and even complete software installations and support. With our years of experience, eAssist provides your dental practice with a solid foundation that streamlines your business processes and ensures greater profitability, while decreasing your overall overhead.

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