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Alexis Ashley

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Dental Insurance Verification Trends for 2021

Dental insurance verification is one of the most important aspects of claim submission. Is your practice receiving surprise insurance fees? Frequent claim denial? Aging reports growing by the day? Insurance denial is the mother of all lost profits, and if you don’t have time to talk to insurance companies for hours a day, you need a dedicated remote insurance verification service.

How do you verify dental insurance?

Are your patients coming back to you frustrated with unexpected deductibles? An improper copay amount? Insurance verification isn’t just a simple eligibility check. It requires consistent knowledge of policy updates and any new patient information. With policies changing right under your nose on a seemingly weekly basis, your front office staff are going to be running ragged checking for consistent report accuracy. More time on the computer means less time for your patients, and there’s still no guarantee that you’ll see 100% of what you’re owed. By outsourcing your insurance verification service, you’re managing the most important aspect of your business: profit.

What does a dental insurance verification service do for me?

Outsourcing doesn’t mean that your front office staff are left without work. Their job becomes taking care of your patients, not verifying eligibility. Patient information is deemed accurate prior to their visit, so there are no surprises. Your front office shouldn’t worry about having to deal with unhappy patients due to eligibility errors. 

Dental insurance verification done right the first time

eAssist’s insurance verification service takes it one step further, verifying every aspect of insurance:

  • Benefit limits
  • Orthodontic coverage
  • Waiting periods
  • Effective coverage dates
  • Specific coding requests
  • Patient information

By fully documenting all relevant coverage details, we make your verification process simple. Outsourcing dental insurance verification doesn’t need to be painful. Make it profitable.


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