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Our Patient Statements Add-On Service

We provide your office a dedicated phone number for patients to call whenever they have questions about their statements or account balances. The phone number will have the same area code as your practice with the caller ID being the name of your dental practice — so when we return patient calls, they know that a representative of your dental office is calling.

It’s best to collect patient co-pays at the time of service, but often after insurance payments are posted patients may owe more. Let us help collect your past due patient accounts receivable balances. Enroll in eAssist Patient Statements add-on service today.

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All Features of the eAssist Patient Statements Service

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Patient Ledger Audits

By request, we can audit a patient ledger for accuracy. Often we find that errors have occurred in previous ledger postings, which cause inaccuracies in your patient balances. There is a cost for this service. Patient ledgers are reviewed for origin
of balance and we research transactions up to two years prior.

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Clean Bad Debt
From Aging Report

When an account is deemed noncollectible, the office is advised, and the patient accounts receivable balance is then transferred to a collection agency –
if desired by the office. We either write
off the account or facilitate the collection agency transfer based on your office’s desires. Regardless of the outcome, we actively manage all of your collectible receivables to ensure accurate accounts receivable reporting.

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Custom Letters
Requesting Payment

Patients that have outstanding balances–that you have deemed to be accurate–will receive three customized letters from us demanding payment. The purpose is to prompt the patient to call your office for clarification and make payment arrangements for their patient accounts receivable balances with you. All patient correspondence is available for client review.

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Electronic Statements

Statements are sent electronically through your management software on a weekly or monthly basis, according to your preference.

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Patient Phone Calls

Patients with outstanding balances that have ignored statements will receive a series of three phone calls along with the customized letters. The goal is to motivate the patient to pay what they owe.

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Daily & Weekly
Accountability Reports

Daily emails and weekly summaries are sent to the doctor that describe who we have contacted, how many letters have been sent, how many phone calls were made, how much money has been collected, current patient accounts receivable balances, and who left the office without paying any of their portion. This information will help your office manager better manage the front desk staff, thus improving patient portion collections at the time of service.

Our Patient Statements Add-On Service Fees

The fix base price is based on your total office collections for the month. The more you are collecting,
the larger the office and the greater the work load. All services above are included with each of these
tiered price levels. The following schedule applies:


Ideal for dental offices with total collections under $40,000 per month.

The base price is:

$500per month


Ideal for dental offices with insurance collections between $40,000 and $100,000 per month.

The base price is:

$750per month


Ideal for dental offices with total collections between $100,000 and $150,000 per month.

The progressive tier fee is:

$1050per month


Ideal for dental offices with total collections over $150,000 per month.

The progressive tier fee is:

$1400per month

*In addition to the base fee above, you will be charged for postage and handling of all customized letters mailed to the patients.
Daily and weekly summaries are sent which include the names of patients receiving collection letters.

Any technical questions?

You might be wondering if your practice management software is compatible with our service,

if any I.T. requirements are necessary, or whether or not we handle your money.

These and other technical questions are answered in our FAQ.


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The Patient Accounts Receivable Management add-on Service cannot be purchased without enrolling in the Dental Insurance Billing Service. However, the Dental Insurance Billing Service can be purchased separately without the Patient Accounts Receivable Management add-on Service.

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