Dental Scripts: Collection at the Time of Service

When patients are in the chair, the treatment plan option sheet is prepared on the computer software by the dental assistant or the dental hygienist at the direction of the dentist.  Many times the dentist will enter the treatment.   This information is used to generate the treatment plan that is presented to the patient at the front desk.

The treatment plan should include an estimated portion that is due from the insurance and a coinsurance amount that the patient will need to pay at the time of service.  If you break the treatment plan into appointments you may wish to have the patient pay per visit toward the coinsurance so that it is paid in full at the last appointment.

A scenario script that is typical is as follows:

Front Desk:  “Hello Mrs. Brown, my name is _______Dr. Smith has indicated the need for the following care as I have listed on your proposed treatment plan.  The information that I received from your insurance plan administrator is that you will be responsible for an estimated amount of $__________________.  Here is a breakdown of your benefits I received from your plan.   We accept cash, check or Visa, MC and Discover.   Which of these options would you like to choose to pay today?

Mrs. Brown: “Can you bill me?”

Front Desk:  “No, we will wait for the insurance to pay their share up to 60 days but your portion is due today.”

Mrs. Brown:  “I don’t have that much left on any cards.”

Front Desk: “If you need to make monthly payments, you can apply to Carecredit.  They are an excellent source of funding for healthcare.  Here is some information.  It will just take a couple of minutes.  Would you like me to go ahead with your application?”

Mrs. Brown:  “I would just like to pay you monthly.”

Front Desk:  “I appreciate that but we are a small business and cannot grant anyone a line of credit.  (If applicable to their insurance) “We have a contractual relationship with your employer’s dental insurance company to collect for your share of your care at the time of service.”

Mrs. Brown:    “I will split it up on a couple of my cards.”  Or “Okay, I want to apply.”


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