Dental Software Knowledge Key to Managing Dental Claims

Eaglesoft, Dentrix, Softdent, PracticeWorks, Denticon, Practice Web, QSI, Perioexec, Curve and the list includes another 130 plus different dental software programs on the market today.   It is a virtual minefield of dental software programs for the dentist to pick his/her way through.  Once the decision has been made and the program is running the daily schedule and all other tasks associated with management of data from posting payments to tracking treatment acceptance and appealing dental claims, it becomes highly important that the staff know the software to the extent applicable to their job description and position requirements.  If you are filing insurance claims and tracking unpaid claims with appeals, knowledge of the software is vital for revenue flow.


Dentists surveyed are leery of paying for software training on new hires because if it doesn’t work out they leave with a new skill and the dentist has to start the search over again. The cost of training is somewhere around $500.00 for a half day.  If they could hire people already trained and skilled at the software they consider this very fortunate.


Feedback from personnel that work in dental practice management say that once you are proficient in one system it is easy to learn another.  The main challenge is matching the icons to the window you need to open and the keystrokes to get to the information you are looking for.  This will take usually about a week to learn the basics such as scheduling and posting and another week or less to learn the more advanced such as sending electronic claims with attachments, merge letters and insurance check posting.

Getting behind on dental claims processing for two weeks is not a good idea and requires extra time to catch up as claims are being created daily.


eAssist is the answer to this dilemma for practices searching for those qualified and skilled at the practice software.  eAssist has already screened and tested their workers so all the dental office has to do is sign up to get the uncollected monies coming into the bank.  No one has to spend time training in the software system or teaching how to do attachments and follow-up.
It’s a win win for the dental team and the patients who notice when claims have paid on their account.


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