James Anderson

Dentistry is our passion, accounting is our specialty.

A dental practice is a business. All businesses need to know how they make money and where the money is spent. Successful businesses know exactly where it goes and to whom for cost-effective evaluations.
 In dentistry it has become a challenge to find a competent and qualified person at a reasonable rate to help you with this most important task.   Dental accounting is often an afterthought when your day is captured by patients and the needs of your employees.
It is key to ask yourself, whether you have the required skills, experienced team and enough time to accurately execute this task?  Even if you say you can continue to do this important job, our studies show you are probably realizing about 10% utilization of the accounting software capability.  You don’t know what you don’t know and in the world of managing today’s dental practice, this is a distinct liability.
You are missing out and you don’t have to.  eAssist accounting services were designed by dentists for dentists and understand the business of dentistry and they don’t miss a thing.
You have a CPA, that is great.  You can keep your CPA and we can do your basic accounting and reporting directly to you anytime.  If you don’t have a CPA, we can offer you our extended accounting package: eAssist Dental Accounting Advanced Bookkeeping Service with Bill Pay and an important bonus. We’ll provide you with a seasoned eAssist dental CPA who will file your quarterly and annual taxes. In addition, your eAssist dental CPA will hold virtual quarterly forecasting meetings with you to plan your best financial strategies.
Just as you sometimes need specialists for your patients dental needs,  accounting is our specialty provided to you at a reasonable cost by professionals who understand your unique needs.


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