How eAssist Changed My Life – Angie Garza

My husband lost his job a few years ago, which was devastating. I already had a full time job, but I was looking to add second job to help balance out our finances. I saw an advertisement for an account manager on the indeed site; the universe aligned me up with eAssist. I’ll admit, during the whole interview process I thought to myself this has to be too good to be true. But it was the real deal. After a couple of months and my training was completed I received a phone call from Melinda pairing me a small office in Pennsylvania. I was over the moon. I’m still assisting to this office by the way three years later.
Eventually my husband found another job 2 hours away, meaning we would have to relocate. This was another reason eAssist is such a blessing in my life. I was moved into a new region around this time. This was amazing because I could be paired with more practices and become full time.
I always felt I was needed more at home, but financially that was never possible for me until eAssist. I am able to make doctor’s appointment and volunteer at my son’s school and I can tweak my work day to fit my schedule, which as a wife and mother is absolutely invaluable to me. eAssist has allowed me to me the mother I have always wanted to be, especially for my very active son. I can sit with him each morning while he eats breakfast before school. I can pick him up and meet his friends. Help with homework and shuttle to baseball games. Again… invaluable to me. eAsssist was a true dream come true.


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