How eAssist Changed My Life – Angie Knutson

My journey to eAssist probably started about 5 years ago. I was looking for every possible opportunity that best matched my skills and abilities to do from home. I was tired of missing out on my son’s appointments, graduations, school events, etc. I had been searching for outside my field for something like this because I hadn’t heard of anything in my field. When they all failed, I tried a Google search and there was eAssist. Of course, I was skeptical, but once I went through all the testing and got my first office I was HOOKED!!! It was like it was tailor made for me. I could work very hard and be rewarded by freedoms. I have always been a self motivator so working with no supervision was nice. I have always been an early riser and have wished that I could get my work done early in the day to be free for my family after completion. Now I CAN, woohoo!

In addition to setting my own pace, eAssist has made it so that I can earn more by doing more work. This was the best thing for me because I no longer felt shackled. eAssist has also changed my son’s relationship with his cousin. My sister and nephew live in San Diego. Now, I am able to pack up my laptop and stay with them for a month every year while working and letting the two cousins bond. This is HUGE for two only children.

I have found what I want to do until I retire and that is something!!


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