How eAssist Changed My Life – Becca Triplett

I heard about eAssist actually years before I started with them. I was a single mom and I used to teach at a dental assisting school. After the school closed I decided to pursue a career in massage therapy but was not making the money that I needed to make to support my family. One of my students from the dental assisting school and I were messaging and catching up on Facebook. She had recently had a baby and started with eAssist, so I applied as well. I will admit the first time I applied I was a little cocky and kinda rushed the testing phase. Well I didn’t pass and didn’t try further as my massage business ended up taking off, so I moved on. Fast forward a few years I met a man and ended up moving across the state to be with him. So I closed my massage business and did not want to start from scratch as well as it was taking a toll on my body, so I went back to dental. I was working full time at a dental office when I moved. I missed the freedom of my self employment schedule then I remembered eAssist, so I tracked down my message feed with my old student and found the website and applied once again. This time I took it much more serious and I guess it was my time because I was brought onto the team. eAssist for sure in a million ways has made my life easier. I get to drop off and pick up my kids from school, sports, etc. I take care of my home and my family and still contribute financially. I have the self employment lifestyle and freedom but I feel I am part of a amazing company with a strong supportive backing. This lacks when you are your own boss on a one man team like my massage business. I love that I can work on the go when we travel and I love that I am connected with offices and colleges across the country that I would probably never have the opportunity of knowing otherwise. All in all eAssist has been a blessing and such a positive experience not just for me but my family as well as friends that used to have to drive my kids all around the city for me when I worked in a office full time! 🙂


  • How long was the hiring process?

  • Hi my name is Lisa I’m from RI I have been working in the dental field for the past 16yrs..all front office work from managing an office…i came across eAssist today and am very interested …tired of the hustle and bustle…any input about this company would be great

  • So glad you joined eAssist. It finds us when we need it the most.

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