How eAssist Changed My Life- Belle DuCharme

Belle DuCharme, RDA, CDPMA

I first found eAssist with an online search.  My background in dentistry spanned some forty plus years and I was looking for a new challenge.  Working from home enticed me to apply as flying all over the country as a dental business trainer/consultant was no longer as glamorous as it once was what with flight delays and nasty weather —at my age I was done with waiting for a cab standing in a snow storm or getting caught on a strange freeway in a freezing blizzard driving a rental car with broken side mirrors.  Get my “drift”!

My first comment when reading the eAssist job advertisement was “Eureka, someone has finally developed a way to outsource dental insurance billing.”  Working with hundreds of practices as an instructor in business systems, I was very much aware that most office managers struggle with this part of the job.  But was this opportunity real?  I needed to find out.

I went through the application process, passed and was assigned an office.   I wanted to see if this is something I would enjoy. I did but decided it really wasn’t where my skills could be best utilized and I saw a need for a sounder system for educating and testing billing agents and establishing a network for the agents to communicate freely to collaborate with coding challenges and appealing dental claims.  Dr. Anderson and Sandy gave me the chance to make it happen.

eAssist has changed my life in many positive ways.  I work for myself at home and set my own hours.  I can now have a better work, life balance because I have the freedom and the incentive to make it happen.   My work is predominately writing in many forms: articles, training modules, ad copy, blogs and books.  This huge opportunity keeps me motivated to not only do my best work but to look at my work as a passion of life instead of just a career or job. 


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