How eAssist Changed My Life – Bobbie Moon

I have been in the dental field for over 30 years. Prior to finding eAssist I had been working for an oral surgeon for 16 years. It was a rather chaotic office and I really felt the desire to move on; but where to??……just another office that would eventually turn into the same ol’-same ol’??

With my husband’s encouragement I gave my notice with absolutely no clue what I was going to do next. While at my computer one day surfing through possible job opportunities, I came across “Dental Billing from Home”; which eventually lead me to an “eAssist Test”. Crazily enough, almost six aGOniZing hours later (mind you, this was based on general dentistry which I had not done in MANY years!!)…I submitted my completed test. I refused to “save” it and work on it later; so afraid I might lose all my hard work! And all the while thinking, “this could very possibly be a complete scam!” Then, almost immediately I received an email from “Devanee”…..

…… fast forward to over two years later, here I am working with four oral surgery offices…..FROM MY HOME!!!

I truly feel that I know more about dental and medical insurance claims and reports now than I ever did all the years working in an office. The help and support I have gotten from my co-eAssisters has been absolutely amazing!

I have the best of both worlds – working from home and making my own schedule to having coworkers available for help with anything I ever need that are ALWAYS just a phone call or email away. It is fun and exciting starting a new office and watching their numbers go down. I have said numerous times since working with eAssist that I would have loved having this company on board in any of the offices I had worked in – just an incredible and brilliant concept! I think the only reason offices don’t use eAssist, other than not knowing about us, is simply because they just don’t know what they don’t know!

The sky is the limit with this company. You can move up quite easily if that is your goal and/or desire. Being that I am nearing retirement, it is nice knowing I can keep on working as much or as little as I choose. And I can do this for as long as I want and from wherever I want! My husband and I both love the flexibility of my job, as he is a fire chief and his schedule includes a lot of time off. We are free to take off and go for a bike ride or a hike in the morning or even in the middle of the day if we choose. We can even take off for a few days during the middle of the week when places aren’t so crowded and just enjoy a mini vacation.

In closing, I am here to tell you how happy I am that eAssist is “legit”! I only wish it had been around when my three boys were young!


  • This is very interesting. I have worked as a dental assistant for 13 years. Not only have I chairside assisted but also filled in front office and assisted a new dentist open her office. I do have some billing experience but was wondering is there any refreshing or coworkers to ask questions? Is this a contract position? Do you have to find your own offices to bill for?

    • Hi Andrea!

      Great questions, the position is an independent contractor position. You will have numerous resources available to you at all times. eAssist will facilitate the finding of clients, so you do not have to do that yourself. If you have any other questions, please let me know!

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