How eAssist Changed My Life – Carol Cheshire

Before eAssist, my position at my current practice was eliminated. When I was let go I thought ‘No problem! I’ll be able to find an office job that will pay for my experience!’ Oh how wrong I was! I think with my age and experience most of the dentists I interviewed with didn’t want to pay. So, I was stuck! During my time of unemployment I made it my mission to find something I could do remotely from home. I scoured the internet and stumbled upon eAssist and quickly applied and worked through the tests. Passing all of those I thought I would get to work immediately but had to wait 3 months before getting my 1st office. During that time I finally did find an office position but by then knew I would rather be my own boss and work from home. So for the next year I worked 4 full time days in the office and then worked my eAssist account at night and on the weekends. Once I qualified for my next 2 offices I quit my office job and began working from home. Whew what a relief that was!


eAssist makes life easier, (i.e. being your own boss, working from home, etc..) everything is easier. Everything is done on my own time. I do have to be organized and prioritize my time but the rest is up to me! I frequently tell my friends I am working the 3pm to 11:30pm shift because I used my morning and afternoon for myself. I love it! I also find that I can travel more often during the year because all I need is my computer and internet to do my job! Not to mention I rarely have to put makeup on because who’s going to see me! LOL….that part I love! My only regret is not finding eAssist when my son was younger. I missed out on a lot of his life being on the road as a national EagleSoft trainer so I was gone 3 weeks out of each month. Had I already found eAssist that would have all been so different. But oh well everything happens as it should! Now I’m patiently waiting for my grandchild to be conceived so I can make that dream happen!


eAssist has enabled me to take control of my own destiny. I rely on myself and no one else to make my income. I can schedule my days to my liking, I can exercise every morning, I can work during the day or at night the overall flexibility of it all is awesome! As long as I get the job done everyone is happy!



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