How eAssist Changed My Life – Dawn Guest Sansom

My late husband and I were about to move to a new city for a big promotion for him, where I needed my own money (spending, nails, hair etc). I wasn’t going to have to obtain a full-time job anymore. Not many dental practices let you just work part time. I heard of a new concept with many dental insurance companies where you can work remotely and part time, in my google search an ad for eAssist came up.

eAssist changed my life because about 3 years ago my late husband was struggling with PTSD (which he lost that battle 2 yrs ago). That first year he was ill, we were in a new city, he had a new demanding job, and had I worked for a dental practice I would not have be able to care for him and watch over him. There were times his medication had him so debilitated that he couldn’t drive to doctors appointments alone, and he had several stays in the hospital. Had I had a regular job to be at I would have probably been terminated for missing too much to care for him. With eAssist I could work around his doctors appointments, and also keep an eye on him while working.

eAssist makes my life easier because I can work whenever I choose, as far as time of day, how many hours per day, and can work from home. I don’t spend a lot on gasoline anymore, toll bills, wear and tear on my car, or have to have a work wardrobe budget.


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