How eAssist Changed My Life – Dawn Martin

Dawn Martin was working for a Managed Care Dental Co- Heartland- and a co-worker who had started part-time with eAssist told her about this “work from home company.” Her name is Racheal Grant. Racheal and Dawn had been co-workers in private practice years before, and became reacquainted.  She told her how wonderful it was, and that she would be a great fit, of course, she thought this is to good to be true, but applied anyway. And here she is!

There are many aspects of eAssist that has made Dawn’s life easier. She says, “Besides the obvious of being your own boss, eAssist has provided me the opportunity to stay home with much less stress. I love the dental field and am so blessed to be able to do what I love from home. I have found with less stress and unhappiness in the workplace that I function better as a better wife and mother.”

Dawn and her husband are “empty nesters” and they love to camp and travel. The ability to take her work with her when she travels is awesome.  She loves getting up in the morning and working in her pj’s. eAssist has allowed her to spend more time with family and friends. My husband is also happy that there is a home cooked meal when he gets home from work. With eAssist, she has made friends all over the United States. “Where can you get such a huge network of people who have your back?” expressed Dawn. eAssist has been so good for her that she has recommended several friends that are now part of the eAssist family. “I look so forward to growing with this wonderful company over years.” says Dawn.


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