How eAssist Changed My Life- Erica Van Alstine

Here at eAssist we work hard to provide opportunities to every single person. In a new blogging segment, we will be highlighting individuals who have had their life changed for the better by becoming an eAssister. First up, we have Erica!


Have you ever experienced a work week that never seeErica Photomed to end? The hours were long and tedious, the patients all seemed to have problems at every corner, the doctor wasn’t in the best mood and it all falls to your shoulders as the individual in charge? Weeks like this come and go for normal working people, but in Erica’s case, it was her life every single day, every single week and never seemed to end. She was in a work environment that wasn’t healthy, struggling with 46 hour work weeks, usually being the first one in and last one out. To make her situation even more difficult, she was a working mother who never seemed to find enough time to put her child to bed or have dinner with her family. Heartbroken and in desperate need of a change, she took to the internet looking for jobs that allowed her to work from home but still do what she loves. After a series of unfortunate events, applying for eAssist her first time did not work out. Her family moved and a job change naturally came with it. Living in Texas and working as a corporate manager, she worked hard to move up in the company but began seeing old patterns forming. Long hours, meetings on Friday and Saturday nights, feelings of if she was jeopardizing her personal life and for what cost? She again took to the internet to find a better solution and came across eAssist once more. This time she was diligent in applying and making herself known, catching the eyes of those in the hiring process. eAssist looks for individuals who are go-getters, know what they want and won’t settle for less, and respect themselves and their work ethic; this was Erica. She has now been full time with eAssist for about 8 months and her life is so much better. She is able to be with her family, experience her son growing up into a darling young boy and not experiencing the stress of 50+ hour work weeks. From Erica herself, “eAssist has been a huge blessing to me and my family! eAssist makes my life so much easier being my own boss is awesome; also my quality of life has improved so much, being able to spend more time with my family!” This is how eAssist changed Erica Van Alstine’s life.




  • Thank you Erica for sharing your story with us! We are happy to have you here with us at eAssist family!

  • What an inspiration you are Erica! Making the changes in our lives that our hearts desire is not always an easy choice to make…but it is a courageous choice! Thank you for sharing your story of courage!

  • Yay Erica!!!! So glad you have made this change as I love working with you 🙂

  • Amen!

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