How eAssist Changed My Life – Erin Davis

I found eAssist through a Google search.

eAssist makes my life easier by allowing me to work from home. I have saved a ton of money in childcare and gas money. I am also able to be here for my kids Lilah (13) Deagan (10) and Ronayn (8)- I haven’t missed a field trip, school play, band concert, or drill team performance.
In 2012 my son was having a lot of issues at home and school and was soon diagnosed with ADHD. Due to this I was not able to find anyone willing to watch him while I worked- He was a handful! I quit my job as an assistant in January 2014 and found eAssist the next month. At first, I was a little skeptical but after research and talking with Devanee I knew it was the real deal.
eAssist has blessed mine and my families lives in so many ways that I am most grateful for. Being in the dental field is my passion and I was so upset thinking I wasn’t going to be able to continue working until I found this. Now I can focus on my kids and work too.
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