How eAssist Changed My Life- Jackie Holloway

This story is written by Jackie in first person. Her emotional journey she shared with me was too heartfelt to alter. Enjoy Jackie’s story!


      H-Wedding-1529 (1) I have been in the dental field since 2001. I have held all titles in the office setting from expanded functions dental assistant, oral surgical tech to office manager. In February 2014 my life changed. My husband and I were rear-ended while sitting at a red light. I suffered severe head trauma, a torn ACL and torn meniscus. Little did I know things were going to take a turn for the worst.  Due to the head trauma, I then suffered from seizures with vigorous tremors which placed me in the hospital for over 2 months.  I underwent cognitive rehabilitation, surgery and physical therapy. For 9 months I was completely out of work and was finally released to return on a part time basis. I started out seeing patients for 2 hours a day to slowly work myself back into a groove. After a week of returning I was completely exhausted and embarrassed because I was still suffering from the tremors. My ability to steady my hands had left me. I continued down this path for almost 4 months until I admitted defeat. I spoke with the doctor I was working for about my abilities to continue working and he then informed me that he was selling his practice and retiring. He said that I could continue to work part time until things resolved for me medically. I came home that day and began my search for employment. I registered for many sites including Monster and Indeed for emails alerts about employment.

        With all the doubts in my mind about finding employment due to not being able to perform as I once did haunted me. In March 2015, I had an email come across from one of the sites I had signed up for stating that there was a work from home opportunity with eAssist. I, like many others, thought it was a scam. How could one possibly work from home in the dental field? I took to the internet and Googled eAssist. I went to the website and took the test. I truly thought at this point I will never hear anything on this because it is too good to be true. Boy was I wrong! I received an email from Devanee within an hour after completing my test asking to set up a phone interview. I completed my phone interview and was told it could be months before I am assigned but know that in time I would receive my first assignment. That interview was on March 20,2015.

        Within 30 days I had spoken with Melinda and Patrycja and was on my journey to becoming part of the eAssist family and had been assigned my first two offices. Working from home has blessed me as I was able to continue to allow my body the time it needed to heal along with all therapy appointments. But the blessings did not stop there. I was able to complete my degree in Business Management. I am married with two children. My daughter is 18 and my son is 8. Both of them are very active with school and sports and I was never able to attend any of their events. eAssist has allowed me that freedom of being able to play a more active role in my children’s life and has helped build my marriage stronger. I was able to give the time and attention to those things I always felt had to sit on the back burner due to my working hours.

        With eAssist giving me my life back I was determined to give the company everything I had. I was determined to not just be an account manager and pushed for account executive, I then wanted more. I spoke with my mentors Melinda, Patrycja, and Jody about my desire to grow and was told to go after my dreams as the sky was the limit and they felt I had what it took. I am now the newest Team Leader with the Regional Manager in my vision. This company has shown me what it means to truly work for someone that appreciates your hard work and dedication. The women I work with daily, though we do not see each other, are my friends. I thank God everyday for eAssist coming into my life.


  • Thank you for sharing your story.This is so beautiful. So glad God lead you to Eassist. Such a blessing.

  • Jackie that was such a touching story, I am so glad things have turned around in your life and God has blessed you in this way. God bless and keep up the good work. Your story has inspired me to try again to apply with Eassist. I have tried before and just missed passing one exam, but I know with more study I can do this. Eassist would be a blessing for me as well as I have 2 granddaughters that live 1200 miles away and don’t get to spend much time with them due to my work, this would give me the freedom and income that I would need to be a big part of their lives. Thanks again Jackie for sharing such a wonderful story.

  • Awesome story! I loved it! Good for you and thank God for eAssist!

  • Thank you Jackie for sharing with us your story! I wish you much success and prosperity!
    I feel that we are all extremely fortunate to be a part of eAssist!

  • You’re simply amazing Jackie! You’re a true survivor and a beautiful inspiration to us all <3 Thank you for having the courage to persevere and find eAssist! You're a real asset!

  • You are amazing and I loved hearing your story. It shows we can can deal with obstacles and overcome them.
    I love your will and drive.

  • Thanks for sharing your story Jackie 🙂 Most important, your body is healing and able to heal at a favorable rate. So encouraging that you moved up so quickly. You must be a gem!

  • That was such a moving story. WOW! I am so happy you found eassist and I am sure that the sky is the limit and it is just a matter of time before you are a Regional Manager. You go girl!!

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