How eAssist Changed My Life – Jacklin Pollock

Jacklin Pollock first heard about eAssist through a previous employer. Jacklin was about to go on maternity leave and she and the doctor she worked for had worked out a contract for her to do insurance verification from home using remote access. The office manager assured her that her position would not be affected by this third party. After two months of doing verification, all of the sudden, she was unable to log into the office. Jacklin called to let them know, and was told on the phone they had let her go! They did not give her a good explanation and pretty much cut her out from there. She told her husband what happened and how the office had hired a third party contractor to work on the insurance. Her husband is the one that pushed her to apply for eAssist.

eAssist has made Jacklin’s life easier by allowing her to work from home and create her own schedule. She is now able to spend more time with her family. Jacklin and her husband moved from North Carolina over 9 years ago and have traveled all over the US for school and work. If she was still working a 9-5 job, she would barely have the vacation time to travel and see their family back home. She is now able to take her work with her and see family when she wants, not when her boss tells her she can. eAssist has also given her the ability to be the mom and wife she wants to be. Family comes first, and thanks to eAssist, she is able to have her job work around her family, not the other way around.



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