How eAssist Changed My Life – Kristen Marley

I heard about eAssist when I had just started doing freelance cross over medical dental billing for some providers locally and I was transitioning out of running 2 practices. A patient and friend of mine, Lynrae who worked in Provider Relations at Delta Dental of Washington, told me to check eAssist out. At first I did not follow through on it but she followed up with me and insisted that I take a look since it is for dental office managers that work from home. She said she had a friend from Delta Dental that did it and was very happy about her move that she left her job there. So I thought it definitely was worth a shot and had come at exactly the right time in my life when I was already making a huge leap of faith and transition to business owner.

eAssist has allowed me to work from home and have flexibility in my schedule to be able to attend my son’s school trips and be there when he needs me most. I love being able to go to my kitchen to prepare a healthy meal for myself and my family and get in some work out time. With eAssist I can also manage my workload and decide how much I can take on and when it may be time to lighten my work load. I like the variety and love the culture of continuously learning and improving my skills.

The VERY BEST thing that has changed my life about eAssist is that I am able to work from home and became a pet owner. I had grown up having pets but as an adult working out of the home and commuting most of the day I could not stomach to have a pet home alone. eAssist allowed me to have a companion while working alone at home so I am not ever lonely and my puppies love having their human home to cuddle and take them on walks periodically throughout the day. They are more like my furbabies than pets. eAssist gave me the opportunity to climb the ladder and make more money than I had ever imagined being a regular office manager. I do not know any other “job” where you can work from home and make a six figure salary helping offices and mentoring your peers and doing what you love! It’s amazingly fulfilling. While working for eAssist I had my dream wedding and honeymoon to the best man in the universe. I paid off my debt and am shopping for my first home. I met my best friend through eAssist and met her in person at the Summit 2017. I have gained many, many special friendships and relationships with the most amazing group of people and would never have known them if it was not for eAssist and I would not have been able to help so many people and touch so many people’s lives. I will forever be grateful for that opportunity through eAssist!


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