How eAssist Changed My Life- Leann Kern

Healthy and happy lifestyles are a key to success in any aspect of your life. For Leann, eAssist allowed for home and work to both become happy and healthy parts of her life all while enjoying what she does. Three years ago, Leann was chatting with a friend who mentioned she had a similar career path as Leann, but was able to work from home. Up until that point, Leann never even thought that it was an option. The idea nagged at her mind for about a week before calling up her eAssister friend and asking how she could become part of the eAssist family. Flash forward those three years and Leann says “I can honestly say that my life is the mIMG_0660 (1)ost enjoyable and fulfilling that it has ever been.” She discovered a new passion for the services she began providing to her offices all without the office drama, long hours filled with interruptions and she can now maximize her time. Leann and her husband were able to sell their second car and utilize a commuter bike because it fit their lifestyle better. The flexibility of working within eAssist changed her life for the better.. She is able to spend time with her family, travel with her husband, ride her bike, go for a hike, or even something as simple as playing with her dogs. “I now know the benefit of living a happy and healthy life, and how important your career choice affects this. If you had not guessed it, I LOVE WORKING FOR EASSIST!” says Leann.  This is how eAssist changed Leann’s life.


  • Awesome success story!

  • Way to go Leann! I am so happy to be a part of this family as well!

  • Love this!

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