How eAssist Changed My Life – Lorena Puga

As I began talking to Lorena about her story, she decided to take a different approach of how eAssist changed her life. Enjoy!


img_0882The whole point of joining eAssist was out of selfishness really…I have a passion for running and have ran endless ultramarathon races of 50km/ 50 miles/100km etc., but I was not getting enough training by physically going to work every morning holding an 8-hour job. I then started searching for jobs online compatible with what I knew how to do which is dentistry. I found eAssist while searching a website called, I applied and the rest is history.

I am not sure if my story is worthy of mentioning. What I do know is that I have met the most incredible people and I consider each and every one of them as part of my family.

Jackie Holloway: she has been a wonderful person and she has helped me endlessly with my struggles and goals to become who I am now with eAssist.

Heather Hancsak: She has been a great friend and she’s always been there for me listening to my concerns, crazy ideas etc.  She is intelligent, diligent and most of all just a great human being.

Frankie Croker: what can I say about this lady that can be said in one word…hmmm…let me think! Amazing! She juggles home, family and work like no other. I never feel alone as I know I can always count on her for support.

Marcey Bearss: I am deeply grateful to Marcey for believing in me, for giving me the chance to prove and develop my skills and for being such a great TL and RM and supporting her team.

Jody Blackman: Can’t say enough about Jody. She has been another great person who has done so much for so many of us.

Patrycja DeGradi:  Tough lady, but gets the job done =) excellent with words and I am glad to have met her.

Katrina Winch: I have been with Katrina since I started with eAssist back in April of 2014..She is a very patient and understanding person who will always be there for her team.

Cory Ann Favro: Great AE with so much enthusiasm it is contagious lol.

Melissa Fisher: My sweet Melissa =) lol always there listening to my ranting hahaha..Thank you Melissa!

Amy Rogers: She is a jewel and she is amazing. I love her personality and hope to continue working with her for years to come.

I now have an extended family of eAs”sisters” and brothers that I am so grateful for and it is because of them that I love working for this company.


  • Lorena, your story is somewhat typical of why we ended up eAssisters, needing different schedules etc.. Way to go with your running. I love the way you gave thanks to those amazing women. We don’t say enough about them and their leadership, and that without them we couldn’t do our jobs. You stated you joined eAssisters for selfish reasons and then tell your story and show how selfless you actually are. You’re definitely a team worker… Love your story…Christine

    • Thank you Christine…I hope to make it to the summit one of these yrs and meet all of you =) that’s my next goal

  • Loved hearing how you had a passion, felt stiffled, searched for a work option that allowed for your passion, and then became passionate about your work as well.

  • I was lucky enough to end up with Lorena on the team assigned to my office, and I dare say it is maybe one of the most difficult projects eAssist has taken on. I lovingly call her “The Machine” to my in-office dental team, because the work she is able to conquer with accuracy is staggering but the truth is she is far from a machine at all. She is full of heart and it is important to her to get it right because she knows and cares how important it it to me. After all, it is a huge part of what provides a life for my family and the families of my staff. I love that she is a long distance all-terrain ultra-marathoner because I know she won’t be quitting in the middle of my race either. She is conquering mountains by day and by night! Lorena, you have my endless gratitude.

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