How eAssist Changed My Life – Marcie Nguyen

marcie-nI have always had a passion for all things dental.  At 14, my first job was in my orthodontist’s office where I continued to work until I went to college.  After hygiene school, I married a dentist, and we created a successful practice from scratch where I seemed to have the best of both career worlds: I saw patients part time and managed the practice the other.  I was constantly pulled in 25 different directions and regularly felt “behind” on everything; it was impossible to give my best to all that I was doing. Oh, how I wish I had a partner like eAssist back then!!  As is the case for most practice managers, I was always dealing with the “tough” stuff that our staff wasn’t comfortable with…that eventually led to serious burn out and a desire for more ease. In addition to the stress of owning a practice, we really wanted a lifestyle change and a more natural & alternative way of life that hot and humid South Florida didn’t offer.  In three months, we found ourselves selling the practice, moving clear across the country to Oregon, and me staying home with our then 2 year old daughter.  My husband wanted to work for someone else and enjoy his dentistry again.  When our daughter went to preschool, I really wanted to get back into the work force part time; I missed adult interaction and the connections I made with people.  

Like many of my fellow eAssisters, I discovered this amazing company online during my job search and thought it had to be a scam!  Who would believe that I could have a flexible schedule, work from home while my daughter was in school, use my existing dental and billing knowledge, still be my own boss, determine my own workload, and be able to supplement my family’s income!?  Preposterous, far fetched, sketchy, I thought…but, always an optimist, I applied and inquired anyway!

At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, eAssist has proven to be all of my wildest dreams come true and has truly changed my life!  I have been able to contribute to some great teams that do super work for our clients on a time frame that works for me.  My daughter is now in Kindergarten and goes to a co-operative school with a high level of parent involvement that I am able to enjoy because of my flexibility. I am able to be more fully present with her after school, because I can work efficiently without distractions from office team members all while she is doing her own work at school or sleeping in the next room at night.  This involvement and participation in her life hits me at my soul level, and I know that NOW I have the best of both worlds!  I’ve met some amazingly strong, independent, business-minded women who have inspired me to really touch into my strengths and be myself.   As I navigated big changes in my relationship this year, I did so with financial security knowing that my earning potential with eAssist is what I make of it!  

My decision to join this company has fulfilled so many of my core needs– to be valued and respected; to have meaning and autonomy; to have financial stability and support; to always learn and have a challenge, and to be authentic.  For that, I am truly grateful.


  • I loved reading your story. It is great to find balance in life and to be able to make the most important things the most important things.

  • Thank you, Cindi!

  • Marcie, you truly belong in the eAssist family. You are a true asset as you have walked the walk and talked the talk and know the challenges of practice ownership and finding balance and truth for your life. I hope you continue to grow into your challenges and always rise to the top. Your daughter is blessed to have you more in her life. I do wish this opportunity had been available to me when I was a divorced mom putting my precious daughter in daycare. I remember picking her up from daycare one day and I turned around and she was standing on her own two little shaky legs. She had taken her first steps that day and I missed it.

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