How eAssist Changed My Life – Michelle Befort

I learned about eAssist through a posting on  I immediately started researching and learning anything I could about the company.  Within 24 hours I had applied and completed all the testing.  A couple of weeks later I was assigned my first office.  I jumped in with both feet taking a leap of faith and gave notice to the office I was working at.  I am usually a worry wart when it comes to decisions that are related to finances, but this time I was a peace. Somehow I knew that coming aboard with eAssist was going to be the best thing.
Being with eAssist hasn’t just made my life easier but our whole entire family.  Prior to eAssist, our family was totally stressed out.  Living in a small town I was communicating to work.  I was spending 2 to 4 hours a day in the car.  My husband works 3rd shift.  When I was leaving for work he was coming home. We were strangers passing through the night.  I would rush home after work to take our girls to after school activities, get dinner, homework and bedtime routines done.  My husband and I didn’t even realize how stressed our family was until a couple of weeks after I started with eAssist.  It was like a black cloud lifted.  eAssist has given our family time to be together as a whole which has made us closer.  It has given me the flexibility to contribute more to raising our girls and handling the day to day needs of our family.


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