How eAssist Changed My Life – Mindy Davis

I found eAssist when I decided to go back to work after two wonderful years of hanging out with my then seven-year-old son. I was actually looking to see if there were any companies that provided dental insurance verification working remotely, and I thought if there was no company that did that, maybe I would start one! That was when I found eAssist.

Because of eAssist, I no longer need to commute to work, have my son in an after school program or miss school activities. I love that I can work early in the morning if I want to, or if I have errands I need to run I can work around that. I love that I can tailor my workload to me and my family’s needs. I also love that I can do my work with no distractions, I feel as though I am much more productive that way and I can get so much more accomplished in a single day. I love that during the summer I can do my gardening during the day, or take my son somewhere fun during the day and then work later, it really is the most ideal work situation!

eAssist has changed my life in so many ways! I always want to do the best job I can do. When I physically worked in an office, I had such a big workload and so much stress that it really affected my life. We had a lot of turnover in our front office and every time we brought someone new on, I was in charge of training them and I always ended up taking on some of their work duties while they were in the training process. It was exhausting! I never had the time or the energy to spend with my family. Now, I am in control of my work schedule and I am able to spend quality time with my family! My husband and son have both seen an improvement in my mood since I started working with eAssist. I get to be home when my son gets home from school and those are the most precious moments because he and I talk about his school day and I really feel like we have been able to create a much stronger bond now that I am home and present more. Leaving my old job was a really tough decision to make and I really struggled with it but, I am so much happier and less stressed now. When I told my friends and family about eAssist, they were super skeptical about it. I am so happy I took the leap of faith and applied. And what is even more exciting, my old office that I physically worked for is a client of eAssist and I am the AE on their account! I am so happy to still be able to help them and be a part of the office, but in a different way. I honestly cannot imagine my life without eAssist and am so thankful to have found such a wonderful company to work for, along with such a wonderful team of knowledgeable people to work with. It truly feels like a big family that all shares the same common goals. I could not be happier!!




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