How eAssist Changed My Life – Monique Long

I had been looking for a new dental office to work in. One that would allow me more time to do volunteer work. I interviewed at Embarcadero Dentistry and asked them something about their claim processing. Jen (the Office Manager) told me, “oh we don’t do that here, we have a billing department that takes care of that”. This intrigued me because it’s not something I had ever heard of in the dental field. So I dug a little deeper and asked her what that meant exactly since I had never heard of a dental office having a separate “billing department”. She said that they use eAssist. I made a mental note of the company and finished the rest of my interview. As soon as I returned home I googled eAssist because I was so curious. To my delight I saw they were looking for Account Managers so immediately started the process to apply. What’s funny is Embarcadero Dentistry called me and said they wanted to hire me. I told Jen I was sorry but that I ended up looking up eAssist and had been accepted. She was awesome about it though and allowed me to work there while I finished all the training modules on the site. I’m so happy I went in for that interview and found out about eAssist, it truly was a blessing because they allowed me to work part time, I was able to continue my volunteer work, and still get myself set up for an even better future with eAssist! I was like many other eAssisters who worried that maybe it was a scam, but thanks to actually working in an office that used the services it was always a reassurance that it was a legit company 😀

I love the flexibility it allows. While working for eAssist I got married September 5, 2015 to my best friend. I lived in the SF Bay area and he live in Lake Tahoe (commuting for dating was not the funnest)….I have memories of getting stuck in the snow and him having to drive out to put chains on my car at the summit. So once we got engaged and were trying to decide where to live it really made the most sense for me to move to Tahoe because I can literally be anywhere and work (how awesome is that-right?!). To be honest I was weary of moving. I loved my fast paced life in the bay, the diversity and culture and I was not looking forward to living somewhere where it snows. Fast forward to being here a little over a year and a half and I am so happy I moved. Lake Tahoe is beautiful. This year we hit record snow levels and I got to work from home, all warm and cozy, and just watched the snow fall down outside. It’s actually snowing now, lol). So I love how eAssist has allowed me to relocate seamlessly, take time off as needed for my volunteer work (and sometimes for fun activities like snowboarding) and has still provided me with stability and a stress free environment.

In addition to what I mentioned above, eAssist has given both my husband and I the opportunity to purchase our first home together! Since being married we have lived with his brother. Don’t get me wrong, his brother is nice and has been very generous in letting us live with him…..but it has been hard not having our own space since being newly married. Renting out here is hard because most of the homes are vacation homes or vacation rentals so they are extremely expensive. I was becoming disheartened and starting to think we’d never end up with our own space. Thanks to eAssist though we were able to afford a modest little home. We bought it December of last year and although we are still working on it, it’s nice to know we have something that is now ours. Now I get to live in an amazing location, with the man I love, have flexibility that no other dental office job could ever allow me, and work with awesome people! I thought I knew a lot about dentistry before starting with eAssist, but I have learned so much from the people I get to work with. I just am so grateful that a company like this exists and that I get to be a part of it!!!


  • Very nice, too much struggle and still stable its inspire not even me to all people who become succesfull ?

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