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How eAssist Changed My Life – Nancy Leake

At the time I first found eAssist which was about March of 2014, I was working for a Third Party Administrator that was part of a huge Integrated Healthcare System called Renown Health in Reno Nevada, I worked for Hometown Health as a claims examiner. I was making $17.81 an hour and maxed out on the pay scale my second year into the job. So I got 3% “raise checks” every March on my anniversary date of hire and after the IRS took their share- it was barely a raise.

I was sooo bored, I started doing medical and vision claims. When I first started with them, their dental claims system was horrible, none of the plan documents were set up correctly in the system, so they were just paying every claim until they hit their dental max for the year. I was like “you have got to be kidding me you guys aren’t following the plan docs at all”. So I sat with the IT Dept. for weeks going through each plan document and saying “okay this procedure gets paid at 100%, this gets paid at 80%, deduct applies to this procedure, downgrade on this, this has a freq limit, etc etc….” They loved me so much that they took their own dental plan back in house from Ameritas.

Back to the bored part… I was processing an average of 350 claims a day. Sitting at a desk staring at a computer working those wonderful 9 to 5 hours then sitting in rush hour traffic. I wanted to get back to with working with patients in a dental office as I was an office manager too. But I didn’t like the idea of again sitting at a desk listening to patients complain, coming to the office putting their crown that they accidentally swallowed and then found on my desk counter, I never used so many Clorox wipes! Then I had a boss who wanted me to take outstanding accounts to small claims court, so every Friday I was in court going before a judge with the patient across from me. I won every case but I didn’t want to do that anymore either. So I saw this ad and said “aww what the heck”, so I applied. I got a call from Devanee and I called her back and its a Google number and I said oh great what is this place. I went as far as going on Google Maps to see where Dr. Anderson’s office was located. ( I never told him that). This is how unsure I was about eAssist.

I had my interviews with Devanee. I took the initial tests, then I got on the HUB and took all the rest of the tests and I passed with flying colors. That summer my mom passed away and I totally forgot about eAssist. On the plane flight home from Long Island after my mom’s funeral, my hubby Tony asked about whatever happened to that work at home dental job? I said “oh that I don’t know I haven’t heard from them.” Tony said are you going to call, I said I don’t know- I don’t know if this is a real job. Well, I went back to work and every day I processed over 350 claims drove home in rush hour traffic and changed positions at Renown from being a claims examiner to actually working for Renown Health as a Authorizations Specialist for Medical Imaging…. mind you same pay $17.81 an hour. After a couple of weeks doing that, I said that’s it, I am contacting Devanee. I contacted her and a couple of days later I heard from Melinda Wilhelm with my first office assignment that started Oct 1 2014. That first month I went up to 4 offices, 2 offices were with the same doctor in Indiana. I still have that account.

I got my first “real” paycheck from eAssist with those 4 offices and I made more than what I was making at Renown. I said well this is pretty cool and it wasn’t 40 hours a week. Talked it over with Tony I said “what do ya think do eAssist or stay at Renown?” He said are you seriously asking me that question? Where are you making more money, I said eAssist; where are you working less hours, I said eAssist- Tony goes duh, quit Renown. So I did. I gave my 2 weeks notice in November 2014 and I have been with eAssist full time since then.

I was talking with Melinda about this the other day, when I started we didn’t have leads, Melinda assigned me my offices, we didn’t have an IT dept. Angel and Jaycee were our IT. We did have Regional Managers, we didn’t have quarterly meetings and they were talking about doing the first eAssist Annual Summit. When the plans were being worked on and emails were going back and forth about the First Annual eAssist Summit in May of 2015, I said I gotta go to this. I gotta see who this Dr. Anderson is and who is Sandy and Melinda and Angel and Jaycee I gotta meet these people.

I went to the Summit and that Summit literally changed my life. I met the most wonderful intelligent loving caring group of people. At the Summit I saw all this knowledge of dental, of business, of personal life and I was just amazed at how absolutely wonderful this company is. I was out of my cave of processing 350 claims a day and driving in rush hour traffic. eAssist changed my life spiritually also and I have Lindsay Salazar and Dr. Anderson to thank for that. I will forever be eternally grateful to both of them.

Since eAssist, nothing but good things have happened to me and my husband Tony. We were able to take vacations, buy new cars, a new RV, a dirt bike for Tony. I mean everything has just fallen into place. Except for a little hiccup that happened this past June. Tony got laid off from his job he was working at for 10 years. I said great, I knew we would be ok because we could live off my paycheck until he found something, well the following week he did, He got a job working for Tesla. I was like “well hey that’s cool”. But he started working the night shift and the job was about an hour or so from our house. So Tony said let’s sell the house and move closer to my work. I looked at him like he had 10 heads, I said WHAT…..and he said yeah let’s move to Dayton, which is closer to work. Now I couldn’t say what about my job because I WORK FROM HOME, so we put the house up for sale it sold in 2 days $2000 over asking price. We moved to Dayton, we bought a beautiful home, my office has French doors that lead out to the front patio and if I time it right, there are wild horses that mow my front lawn in the morning. Now that is the absolute ultimate reason as to why I love working at home. I get to see wild horses almost every morning while I am working right out my French doors. We have been in the new house for a little over 2 weeks as I am writing this.

Seriously the reason I love working for eAssist is that we have the unbelievable connection of absolutely wonderful people who have so much knowledge about dental. When I worked as a claims examiner, I would see claims come across my desk and bang my head on the desk with how dental offices were submitting claims to me. I worked very closely with a dental consultant from American Dental Examiners in Chicago and I would send her claims to review. We became very close because these offices truly did not know what to send to have their patient’s claims processed. I saw the opportunity with eAssist that I could help these offices that come to us.

Serving these offices in really rewarding, some days are a challenge but I have the ABSOLUTE BEST Account Managers at eAssist. My team leads are amazing and my Regional Manager is awesome. Dr. Anderson has been absolutely wonderful to me. Thank you Dr. A, Sandy what a great idea you had. I love it. I have worked with so many wonderful people across the country and even though we may not work the same offices anymore each person I have worked with has brought something good to me whether it be professional, personal or spiritual.

We are truly blessed to be in a company that cares so much about each other but especially our offices that we serve. They rely on us and appreciate us.

So that’s my testimony on how eAssist has changed my life. Thank you all for being a part of my work family. We are one awesome company!!


  • I love this! I am just starting with eAssist and I am so happy to be apart of this team!!! ???

    • Hello, I really enjoyed reading this post! I’ve been doing dental insurance for over 20 years & would love to work from home. Is there someone to talk with to get started? Please let me know. Thank you… Ash

  • Thank you so much for this post! I am looking into a job opportunity with eAssist and I was so curious as to what kind of company this is! I have worked at the same dental office for over 15 years and I’m really wanting what eAssist is offering via a job advertisement. I would love a chance to chat further if you’d be so kind in further communicating! It’s not very often you see somebody whose in love with what they do!

  • How can I get in yo work at eAssist, I too am an office manager and tired of the commune, and would love to work from hone! I have over 30 yrs experience, but allot of tress do yo my job and I do it all by my self just like you Nacy Leake I would love to know how to get stared in this awesome place! I live in Florida, so where do I sign up or call please!

  • Hey guys. I’m also interested in working with Eassist from home. I have 27 years experience as a dental hygienist and 3 years as a dental assistant prior to that. Could you please put me in contact with someone to discuss further. I’m located in Dalton Georgia and just saw a job post in Atlanta. Thanks a bunch.

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