How eAssist Changed My Life – Tia Pearsall

Back in June of 2013 I had just celebrated 1 year of employment at the dental office I was working with. I was commended on my job performance and my always upbeat personality! They told me how much they appreciated my dedication to the company and how I never complained about having to stay late or help out in other areas. This had been my first job in a new city after relocating for my fiance’s work, so I was very excited to reach this milestone. The very next week my then 3 year old daughter became sick with a double ear infection and really high fever. I couldn’t take her to daycare and with no family in the area, I was forced to stay home from work to care for her. I ended up being out with her for an entire week! I stayed in constant communication with my team each day between doctor’s appointments and trips to the pharmacy so that they would be up to date with any new information.  The following Monday when I returned to work, I was called into my manager’s office and let go because they needed someone “who could be there”.  I thought for sure that the fully female team I worked with would understand my absence, especially since most of them had children of their own, but they showed absolutely no empathy or compassion for my situation. To make matters worse, my employer decided not to pay my final month’s bonus (that had been earned prior to my absence) with her only explanation being that “it wouldn’t be fair to the team”. Needless to say I was devastated!

Fortunately, with the recommendation of a friend, I quickly found a contract position outside of my field that was only scheduled to last about 5 months. It allowed me the opportunity to work from home and to be more present for my family.  As the contract neared its end, I searched the internet looking for a job that would be the right fit. I even considered positions in other cities. While searching for jobs in Georgia (a totally different state), I came across an ad for eAssist. I was slightly skeptical because the opportunity seemed too good to be true!  A position in my line of work, that would allow me to work from home, and to make full-time income?  Hopeful that the position was legit, I applied for the position and submitted my resume. Within a couple of days I got an email for Devanee that the company was impressed with my resume and wanted to set up an interview.  Everything from there is history!  I have now been with eAssist full-time for over 3 years and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!  I am able to have flexibility of schedule which allows me to be very active at my daughter’s school and with my church.  I am available to my family when they need me without having to sacrifice my career.  Words cannot express how thankful I am for eAssist and how proud I am to be part of such an amazing company!

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