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Boost Your Practice – What is the Practice Booster?

A benefit of having eAssist as part of your team is also having the access to Practice Booster by Dr. Charles Blair.  What is Practice Booster? Here is the description of what it can do for you and your practice:

At Practice Booster, our mission is to assist dental practices with navigating the challenges of building and sustaining a successful business.

Reach your full potential with our comprehensive array of coding and administrative resources and services designed to ensure that every aspect of your practice is optimized to achieve maximum profitability. You can trust Practice Booster to provide your team with the knowledge and confidence to exceed your goals while delivering the highest quality patient care.

Practice Booster has several tools for you to refer to including coding, coordination of benefits, narratives, HIPAA compliance tips, new/revised/deleted codes, forms and checklists, so many resources at your fingertips! With having eAssist as a part of your team, this is all FREE to your practice as a bonus!  

Have you ever done a procedure and wondered what the best code is to use to submit to insurance?  Well, Practice Booster can help you find the correct code to submit to insurance in order to optimize the patients’ benefits.  You are able to search by procedure or within a code series. This is an awesome tool to have for many reasons. Have you ever submitted a code on a claim and you get an EOB from the insurance stating that code is no longer in use or not the correct code?  This tool will help eliminate that and get you paid for your services quicker!

There are monthly newsletters(Insurance Solutions) as well that cover a wide range of topics from CDT, health/dental articles, OSHA, credentialing, minimizing broken appointments and so many more! Here is a preview of the tabs that show on the website to give you an idea of what you have access to. 

Under each section is a wealth of information so useful for your practice.  If you have any questions on how to use this resource, just ask your eAssist team and they will be happy to help!  Your login is your office email and the password is the office phone number. Since the website is linked to your IP address, the website is only accessible from your practice computers.  Just go to www.practicebooster.com and enter your login info at the top right and start browsing!

Written by Tami Grigg



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