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Jaycee Brown

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eAssist Spotlight- Brittanie Renninger

Brittanie Renninger has been with eAssist since September of 2018, but has been working in the dental field for over 12 years. She originally applied to be part of the eAssist team so she could have flexibility with her husbands job. He serves in the Air Force and with every move, it was proving difficult to find a new office to work in. As an eAssist contractor, she has stability in income without ever having to find a new job when a new move comes around. 

Brittanie loves being able to help a practice succeed. She says, “It is such a great feeling helping them meet goals and seeing them grow as a practice!” Her favorite part of being an eAssister is the other eAssist Contractors. Being surrounded by so much talent, knowledge, and love makes doing what she loves, even better. “Every eAssister I have spoken to is always willing to help and have always had a positive impact on me. I believe that makes this company the best to work with.”

Cori-Anne, Brittanie’s KC, says this about her. “She is a military wife and is an excellent eAssister. Brittanie’s communication skills are amazing and her upbeat and positive attitude is inspiring. Her hand written appeals are such a force and she is such a key player in eAssist.” An interesting fact about Brittanie is she is a small town girl living in a military world. She had only lived in one place her whole life, up until she met her husband 4 years ago! Now she loves traveling and can’t wait to visit Europe very soon. 

Dental Billing Tips and News for Pros; Edition #141


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