eAssist Spotlight – Carol Cheshire

Carol Cheshire has been an eAssister for just over 2 years. Like most, the opportunity to work from home came as a great appeal to her. With the dental field, finding an opportunity to do what you love and work from home is uncommon, so when she came across eAssist she new this would be a great opportunity. She has found that being her own boss is something she greatly appreciated and values, in fact is has become her favorite aspect. The dental field is interesting to her because she enjoys being the office and patient advocate and verifying that insurance companies are paying what they owe. An interesting fact about Carol is that she has to believe in herself to be successful. With the help of eAssist, she has proven this to herself many times. Regina, Carol’s Regional Manager says this, “Carol is one person who definitely exemplifies our values by serving our clients.”

eAssist Helpful News and Billing Tips; Edition #108

Dental Billing