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Jaycee Brown

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eAssist Spotlight- Christen Jones

Christen Jones has been with eAssist for about 2 years. She loves being part of the dental billing field as she considers herself a “coding geek”. She gets so excited when the newest CDT book comes out! Christen also enjoys doing account audits and many back office tasks. She originally became an eAssist contractor so she could help as many offices as possible meet their goals. eAssist has provided opportunities to share her knowledge, as well as learn more. When asked what her favorite aspect of eAssist is, Christen says, “I like being able to use as many skill sets of my choosing to help doctor’s meet their needs. I currently work patient portion, insurance verification and dental billing as both aging and posting team member. I think the diversity in tasks help make my work interesting.” An interesting fact about Christen is she has two dogs that she loves as if they are her children. Charity Tobon, her KC, says this about Christen, “She is amazing, she is open-minded, listens and works great with ICs and offices alike. She has been my shining star to rescue offices in distress! I appreciate her on many levels! Her work ethic and ability to have critical thought process is amazing!” 

Dental Billing Tips and News for Pros; Edition #138


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